Research facility

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Cost $12,877,000, 100x clothing, 100,000x steel,

100,000x research chemical, 600x laptop

Inputs 1,000,000 energy, $1,000,000,

500,000 energy+ per research facility past 6

Outputs 1 Blueprint
Production interval 2-4 Hours

The research facility allows corporations to perform research. The research facility must be built in the region in which research would be performed. Research is started and completed manually using the command $$research or $$res. Note that you can research multiple blueprints at once by building the research centers in different regions.

Research allows corporations to discover blueprints by spending 1,000,000 energy and $1,000,000, with an additional expense of 500,000 energy+ for every research facility beyond 6 in the region, which can then be instantly finished with 4x gratitude points. Blueprints can be developed into their respective technologies to be installed in a region.

Rarity Table[edit]

Below are the tables for each research facility count.

1 Facility[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 55%
Uncommon 35%
Rare 9%
Superior 1%

2 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 50%
Uncommon 40%
Rare 9%
Superior 1%

3 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 34%
Uncommon 30%
Rare 15%
Superior 1%

4 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 23%
Uncommon 60%
Rare 15%
Superior 2%

5 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 6%
Uncommon 70%
Rare 20%
Superior 4%

6 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 1%
Uncommon 61%
Rare 30%
Superior 8%

7 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 1%
Uncommon 37%
Rare 50%
Superior 12%

8 Facilities[edit]

Rarity Chance
Common 1%
Uncommon 23%
Rare 60%
Superior 16%


It is the only facility in the game that has a cap in every region at 8 research facilities at maximum. If you went over the limit, you would receive the message: "You can't have more than 8x of research facility in a region!"