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Blueprints are acquired through research and can be developed into technologies. Blueprints are consumed when they are developed.


You can check what assets are required to develop a blueprint with the following command.

$$blueprint <blueprint name>

Example to view required assets for the oil mapping blueprint:

$$blueprint oil mapping

Blueprints can be developed with the following command.

$$develop <blueprint name>

Blueprint typesEdit

Name Rarity Affected Facility Development cost Installment boost Tech u boost Tech uu boost
Oil mapping Common Oil well 1,000x CPU, 10,000x Steel 14 18 100
Coal detector Common Coal mine 10,000x Coal, 1,000,000x Steel 12 16 80
Log loader Common Tree farm 100,000x Rubber, 1,000,000x Steel -1 Sec -2 Sec N/A
Advanced woodworking Uncommon Furniture factory 50,000x Steel, 50,000x Plastic -40 Sec -1:20 Sec N/A
Bauxite detector Uncommon Bauxite mine 800,000x Aluminum, 1,000,000x Steel, 50,000 Bauxite 50 60 N/A
Jet fuel refining Rare Oil refinery 100,000x Aluminum, 1,000,000x Steel, 100,000 Rubber Jet fuel -22 Sec N/A
Gold detector Rare Gold mine 50,000x Gold, 100,000x Steel 6 8 N/A
Robotic automation Rare All Facilities 1,000,000x Aluminum, 10,000x CPU, 1,000,000x Steel, 500,000 Rubber, 5,000,000x Plastic 2.5% 4% 6%
Logistics expansion Superior Logistics center 100,000x Gold, 10,000x CPU, 400,000x Steel, 1,000,000 Plastic 2x 2.5x N/A
Airport tram Superior Airport 1,000,000x Aluminum, 1,000,000x Steel, 500,000 Rubber -4 Sec -8 Sec N/A