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Q: I’m new, how do I start?Edit

A: Your company exists without a start command. Common commands are $$help, $$tutorial, $$faclist, $$f, $$a, $$val, and $$c. Newly added $$wiki command is awesome!

Q: I still have questions, what should I do?Edit

A: Go to #help in discord HQ and ping @helper with your question.

Q: I’m new, can I get advice on what facility I should focus on now?Edit

A: Your goal is to generate assets to sell for cash.

There are multiple ways to get started: Opt 1: As shown in the tutorial you can use Tree farm(s) and move into Furniture factory(ies) to produce Wood and furniture to sell the assets for cash.

Opt 2: Building oil wells and then Plastic factories to manufacture Plastic and sell it for cash.

Opt 3: Building Coal mines and later replacing them silicon and Gold mines to eventually start producing Laptops.

Q. Is there a storage capacity in Idle-Corp?Edit

A. No, you can store as many assets as you can build or buy.

Q. Can I give money to my friends?Edit

A. The bot does not have a command to give money, but the player market can be used if both players have a logistics center. This is done by selling (an) asset(s) to the player that's giving the money.

Advanced woodworking is usually used as a "trading token" due to a lack of interest on market. This makes it easier to trade without accidently selling to/buying from the wrong person.

Q. What is net worth?Edit

A. Your net worth is a total of everything your Corp owns. Land, factories, assets, developed tech, and money affect your net worth. Here is some info about the formula. Land value at 40% buy price. Factory value at 40% buy price. Asset value at NPC market price. Developed Tech at a value of all materials needed to develop it. Money at current cash level.

Q. What does a logistics center do?Edit

A. Allows access to the player market, and expands your hourly buy limit in the NPC market.

Q. Is Jet fuel the same as rocket fuel?Edit

A. No, two different assets.

Q. What is a gratitude point, and what are they used for?Edit

A. Gratitude points are earned by voting for the Idle-Corp bot, using $$vote. The gratitude points can be spent to change your company name and motto, or to instantly finish a research project.

Q. How do I sell land or move to another server?Edit

A. You have to $$liquidate the server, selling all land, facilities, and assets. You get back 40% of your land and facilities cost, assets sell at current NPC market value.

Q: How do I buy assets?Edit

A: You need to get a logistics center (25M) then type $$buy <asset> <max or number> or $$soffers <asset> then $$mbuy <asset> <how many> <price>. Buy command is mainly for buying raw materials (glass, cpu, iron, silicon, etc). Soffers (sell offers) is mainly used for buying end products (laptops, cell phones, cars, etc).

Q. How do I cancel a player market offer?Edit

A. Use the command $$offers. It will show your current offers and which slot number they are in 1, 2 or 3.
Then use $$canceloffer <1, 2 or 3>

Q. What is regional legislator, and how do I become one in my server?Edit

A. A regional legislator is an elected official, who has the ability to change policies in the region for a week. This has a few steps.

First check $$r, if a region office built (it costs 100m). Use $$ds region office 100m to fully fund it.

Now you can join the ballot. To join ballot use $$joinballot. It costs 10m to join. Vote for yourself using $$voteballot @YourName.

If you get an error while voting, you probably need voters boon. Use $$vote and vote for the bot to get it. Then try and vote again.

Now you need to wait for the election to end. Use $$ballot to see when it ends. Once the ballot closes and you get elected, you can change the policies.

Tip: A tie in votes will cause no one to win.