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Quick noteEdit

Do note that the original prefix is $$. Your server may use a different prefix if they see fit. If it is not $$, the most common other bot prefixes are . , , and !


$$corporation: [mention user] show information about a corporation aliases: [corporation, corp, c, profile, p]

$$rebirth: resets all of your progress and increases your reincorporation count aliases: [reincorporate, rebirth]

$$liquidate: liquidate all facilities and assets (including land) in this server into capital aliases: [liquidate]

$$usetoken: [operand] [amount=1] use a reincorporation token aliases: [usetoken]

$$capital: get information about your current capital aliases: [capital, cap, money, balance, bal]

$$land: displays the amount of land you have aliases: [land, l]


$$assets [page=1] list your assets in this server aliases: [assets, asset, a]

$$price [asset] [amount=1] gets asset price aliases: [price, prices, cost, value, val]

$$buy(all) <asset> [amount=1] buy assets aliases: [buy, buyall, buymax]

$$sell(all) <asset> [amount=1] sell assets aliases: [sell, sellall, sellmax]

$$export(all) <region code> <asset> [amount=1] exports your assets to other servers aliases: [export, exportall, exportmax]

$$examine <name> examine an asset, facility, service, or policy aliases: [examine, e]

$$lockasset <asset> prevent asset from being sold with $$sellall aliases: [lockasset, la]

$$unlockasset <asset> allow asset to be sold with $$sellall aliases: [unlockasset, ula]


$$facility [page=1] get information about your current facilities aliases: [facility, facilities, fac, facs, f]

$$facilitylist gets a list of facilities you can build aliases: [facilitylist, faclist]

$$build <facility> [amount=1] build a facility aliases: [build, buy]

$$demolish(all) <facility> [amount=1] demolish your facilities to reclaim land aliases: [demolish, demo, demolishall, demoall]

$$examine <name> examine an asset, facility, service, or policy aliases: [examine, e]


$$region show information about the region you're in aliases: [region, r]

$$regioncode gets the region code of the region aliases: [regioncode, rc, serverid, sid]

$$donateservice <service> <capital> donate towards the construction of a regional service. aliases: [donateservice, contribservice, ds]

$$joinballot get your name on the ballot aliases: [joinballot]

$$ballot check the status of the ballot aliases: [ballot]

$$voteballot <mention user> vote for someone on the ballot aliases: [voteballot]

$$addpolicy <policy> adds a policy aliases: [addpolicy, enablepolicy, ap]

$$removepolicy <policy> removes a policy aliases: [removepolicy, disablepolicy, rp]

$$policies get the policies in this region aliases: [policies, pol]


$$research performs and monitors research to discover blueprints aliases: [research, res]

$$blueprint <blueprint name> gets information on blueprint requirements aliases: [blueprint, bp]

$$develop <blueprint name> develops blueprints into usable technology aliases: [develop, dev]

$$install <technology name> installs a technology in this region aliases: [install, in]

$$uninstall <technology name> uninstalls a technology in this region aliases: [uninstall, unin, un]

$$upgrade <technology> upgrades a technology aliases: [upgrade, up]


$$retail view the status of your retail stores in this region aliases: [retail, ret]

$$addretailproduct <product> <price> adds a product to your retail stores aliases: [addretailproduct, addproduct, arp]

$$removeretailproduct <product> remove a product from your retail stores aliases: [removeretailproduct, removeproduct, rrp]

$$retailproductname <product> <new name> sets product name for your retail stores aliases: [retailproductname, productname, rpn]

$$retailproductprice <product> <price> change the price of your products in your retail stores aliases: [retailproductprice, productprice, rpp]

$$retailname <name> change the name of your retail stores aliases: [retailname]


$$vote vote for Idle-Corp on Discord Bots List aliases: [vote]


$$notification [type] ['on'|'off'] gets or sets your current notification settings aliases: [notification, notifications, notif]


$$offers gets your current market offers aliases: [offers, offer]

$$canceloffer <offer slot> cancels one of your offers aliases: [canceloffer]

$$buyoffers <asset name> gets a list of buy offers (bids) for an asset aliases: [buyoffers, boffers]

$$selloffers <asset name> gets a list of sell offers (asks) for an asset aliases: [selloffers, soffers]

$$marketbuy <asset> <amount> (price) create a buy offer on the market (fulfills the cheapest sell offer if no price is stated) aliases: [marketbuy, mbuy]

$$marketsell <asset> <amount> (price) create a sell offer on the market (fulfills the highest buy offer if no price is stated) aliases: [marketsell, msell]


See how you stack up against other players on the Leaderboards. Note: you will have to opt-in to allowing your Corporation's name to be publicly visible by everyone using IdleCorp to be listed on the Leaderboards.

$$leaderboards ['server'|'global'='global'] shows the top 10 corporations in terms of re-incorporation score in your server or globally and their net worth. Aliases: [leaderboards, leaderboard, lb, rank]

$$lboptin opt-in to being displayed on the leaderboards aliases: [lboptin]

$$lboptout opt-out of being displayed on the leaderboards aliases: [lboptout]


$$help get help for IdleCorp commands aliases: [help, commands]

$$tutorial shows a getting started guide aliases: [tutorial]

$$name <name> change your corporation's name aliases: [name]

$$motto <your motto> sets your corporation's motto aliases: [motto]

$$invite gets an invite link for IdleCorp to invite to your server aliases: [invite]

$$prefix <new prefix> changes the prefix IdleCorp looks for in your server aliases: [prefix]

$$about display information about IdleCorp aliases: [about]

$$changelog show the most recent updates to IdleCorp aliases: [changelog, whatsnew, updates]

$$patreon get details about Patreon roles and their benefits aliases: [patreon, patron, role, roles]


Need a tutorial? Type $$tutorial to get a quick guide on how to get started!