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Land is a special kind of asset that determines how many facilities you can build. Each land you own will allow you to build one facility. The price of land goes up the more land you already have. You can buy land the same way you buy other assets, but land cannot be sold.

Note: Land can be removed from a region, using $$liquidate, which will sell everything in the region. Land and Factories are sold for 40% of what you paid. Assets are sold at the current sell price value of the NPC market.

Starting Land

Corporations will start with 10 land in the first region that an IdleCorp command is issued in. When a corporation undergoes reincorporation, the 10 free starting land will be given in the region that the reincorporation command was issued in.

Land formula

Land price is approximately 600*[1.1^(current land total-10)]. The approximation gets worse and worse, but about a 50% error for 100 lands when a gap of 5 fills it isn't half-bad.

We also know that if land<10, then land price= 0.

Maximum Land Note: A Player submission with evidence has shown, he owned 335 lands. He believes the maximum amount of land 335-341, depending on land discounts. This does not take into account reincorp token free land, however.

Player formula: The maximum possible displayable number in 64Bit systems (long) is −9.223.372.036.854.775.807 When that number is reached. The maximum amount of money without having to deal with weird things is therefore about 92 sextillion.