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Profit About IdleCorp Updates


Here is the profit of IdleCorp, it is used to referring, and it usually used by the people play IdleCorp. If you don't know what is IdleCorp, you can go to Main Page. But you are already here, you should have seen that...


Of ICP Discord Servser[edit]

ICP Server has ICP Bot, now can invite some people in, you can click the invite link with in the page footer.


You can go to Profit to watch the profit, also, you can download it too.


Some small updates won't show in wiki.


If someone add all <br> in Profit of Profit, I'll happy.
And you also can suggest and feedback in #suggestions-feedback, and you can mark it as [ICP] or [IdleCorp Profit]. P.S. also can in ICP Discord Server.

If you want to go to the GGS site, you can click here, link:
It is an external link, please remind it
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